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KCCI is a legally constituted economic organization and membership is obligatory for companies with a half-year revenue exceeding 10 billion KRW(approx. US $ 10 billion). The Chamber of Commerce Act obligates paid membership status for both domestic companies and foreign investors under this category.
Voluntary membership requires application and is open companies with less than 10 billion KRW in revenue, while special membership is offered to non-profit organizations.
Membership fees pursuant to KCCI Law of Article 10(membership), Article 13(Rights the members have), Article 14(Duties the members should take) within the range of the amounts approved by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy.

  • Mandatory Membership : Half-year revenue x 10% x 1.0/1.01,000 x 80%
  • Voluntary Membership : KRW250,000 every six months or KRW500,000 for the year
  • Special Membership : KRW250,000 every six months or KRW500,000 for the year(Non-profit organization)

Admission for Voluntary Membership

Admission Procedure
Admission Procedure